A Huge Piece Missing in My Life

Hi guys! My name is Nicole Riccio, and I graduated from App in 2014 with a degree in Child

Development. When I came to Boone I was excited to be a part of the community and immediately started looking for ways to get involved on campus. I didn’t grow up in a Christian family, I had only ever been to VBS growing up with my neighbors, and religion was never discussed in our house. So naturally, my first interest in getting involved had nothing to do with pursuing a relationship with God.

After attending church with my boyfriend (now husband) and his family back in Greensboro, I realized there was a huge piece missing in my life that could only be filled by Christ. I was saved the summer after my freshman year, and when I returned back to campus after break I knew that I wanted to find a church to call my home. What I found was SO much more than I could have ever asked for. After visiting a couple of churches in the area, we were invited to visit Mt. Lebanon and I immediately felt like I was a part of the church family. From there, we were invited to a Collegians for Christ bible study that was being held in a little rented room on King Street. I was incredibly nervous to go, especially since I would be going on my own the first couple of times, and I had very little knowledge of the bible. I almost talked myself out of going, but God gave me the courage to show up that night! Fast forward 2 years, and CFC had become such a huge part of my life. It went beyond just being in college and going to a weekly bible study. There were girls night dinners at Hokkaido, ski trips and Sunday lunches at Dos. My first ever “mission trip” was to ECU where we helped a church as they worked towards starting a CFC group on campus. God not only used CFC to strengthen my personal relationship with Him, but also to help me become bold in my faith. I never imagined I would be confident enough to talk about Christ with unbelievers or that I would be praying out loud in front of other people! Now, after graduation, one of the things I miss most about college was knowing that Tuesday nights I would be walking into the student union for bible study (and usually dinner and dessert). But CFC lasts longer than college! Amanda is always a call or text away, and Kyle was a part of our wedding in 2014. College has so many experiences to offer, and it’s so important to make your time there count! I am excited to see how God continues to use CFC to minister to the campus and community!

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