CFC Campus Connect Ministry

CFC Campus Connect exists for the purpose of connecting local churches to their local campus. God does His work through the ministries of the local church thus we emphasize the necessity of the local church and do not step over or around the line God has established. CFC comes along side churches that have a desire to reach the many students and faculty with the Gospel.

CFC exists to provide the training, tools, and practical resources necessary to equip a church to establish an officially recognized ministry on their local campus.

CFC Campus Ministry

CFC Campus Ministry exists for the purpose of changing the world one student and one campus at a time. The foundation of CFC rests upon the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to college students everywhere. CFC strives to see students become a devoted follower of Jesus Christ by challenging them to live out the truth of His Word in their daily lives.

CFC focuses on Weekly Bible studies rather than a worship service. This is left up to the church. The Bible study is a comfortable atmosphere where students can come hear the Bible taught. The teaching is deep and challenging applicable to today’s living. This setting gives students the freedom to ask many challenging questions they may have or have encountered from others. The Bible study presents students with a community of like-minded young people where life-long friendships will be formed. It is this community that gives these young people the strength they need to face the world today as a follower of Jesus Christ.

CFC’s desire is that every student knows what they believe, why they believe it, and where to find it in the bible. The Bible is the foundation upon which all else rests upon. If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? It is absolutely vital we equip students to know the Bible and how to defend their beliefs in a day when God’s word is being so attacked.