The vision that God has given to us is to see that each college campus in the United States is evangelized by a local church in its area by establishing an official on-campus ministry.

How will this happen?

Nehemiah 2:18 “Let us rise up and build”

As we view our land, the walls are torn down and the gates are burned with fire as in Nehemiah’s day. Research has provided a broken picture of our younger generation our land being destroyed. Sixty to seventy percent are dropping out of church between the age of 18-22. We are currently reaching .00001% of the college population. The “nones” are the fasting growing group in America consisting of 1 in 5 Americans, but increasing drastically to 1 in 3 in the 18-29 age range. These “nones” claim no religious affiliation at all. Many would be atheist or agnostic.  Morality is rapidly declining. Alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity are rampant. Our future is in great danger.

So what do we do? We rise up and build! Nehemiah did not have the resources, time, or talent to undertake the massive job to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but he accomplished the task in record time. How? Everyone took responsibility for their section of wall and began to build. How can we recapture our universities for Christ? If one church in each college town will take responsibility for their college campus by establishing an officially recognized Bible study, then the walls can be quickly rebuilt and the percentage of students we are reaching can rise drastically.

As the need stands now, workers are needed to assist churches in this work. We see a person (missionary, pastor, layman) or church in each of the five regions of the United States (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West, and Midwest) taking responsibility for their region. They will pray for and assist churches to reach the colleges in their region. As God raises up more laborers, we envision a person or church in each of the 50 states taking responsibility for their specific state ensuring that each college campus is evangelized by a church in its area. If there is no church in a specific college town, a church plant will be necessary to reach that college campus.

We must be specific and start somewhere. We have taken North Carolina as our state and the southeastern United States as our region of responsibility. We will work and assist churches in this area until the goal is reached. We will assist churches across the entire United States until further laborers are raised up.