Dating Intentionally

We live in a world today where dating is a casual word. It doesn’t spark concern or seriousness. Many times it is just something you “just do”. In all actuality, dating should be thought of in a serious manner. It should be intentional which means to be done on purpose or deliberate. When you are dating someone or having a date you should be very aware of the person. Did they say the blessing at dinner? Have they ever asked you about your personal relationship with Christ? Do you feel comfortable enough to ask him or her about their relationship with Christ? If any of these are red flags now, they will also be red flags later.

Dating is not the time to invest in changing or helping someone with their relationship with Christ. It should be a man and woman moving forward together to Christ and He should be leading the relationship. Dating should be looked at as the first step to marriage. It is not just a fun activity, but a serious step towards your future lifelong mate. Dating intentionally is dating with this purpose in mind.

Amanda Austin

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