Decisions, Decisions

As a student you probably get asked many questions about your decisions for your future. What are you going to do after college? Where will you live and work? Who will you marry? What church will you attend? What will you do with your life? Our lives are made up of decisions and these are decisions made on a daily basis. Please do not stress today thinking you have to make every decision right now for the rest of your life. Each of these decisions are big and will have potential life-long outcomes.

I listened to a message by an evangelist I know that really helped me when it comes to making those big and even small decisions. I am 36 and still have to make big decisions on a regular basis that are very stressful because I understand how powerful the decisions weigh on my life. Take the time to listen and I believe it will be a tremendous help as you try to navigate the major decisions in your life.

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