Don’t Settle

You may be dating your girlfriend or boyfriend right now and wondering “is this the one?”. You may be single and wondering where the right “guy” or “girl” is at. How will you know if he or she is the one? There are definitely no set guidelines to go by. People may respond to you with, “you just know”. But really, what does that mean and how does that help someone who is not married yet? The purpose of this post is not to give you ten things to look for in a mate, though that would be helpful, but to encourage you to take your time and to NOT settle. Don’t settle for second or third best when God has THE BEST person for you.

Why would someone settle?

1. You may settle because you have not been seeking God’s will concerning your mate and have been looking on your own. This may cause you to settle unknowingly.

2. You may settle because you feel the person you are dating is “pretty good” and you have not found any better.

3. You may settle if you are close to graduation and feel marriage is the next step because that is just “what you are suppose to do”.

4. You may settle if you have invested a few years into a relationship. Seeing it end suddenly may leave you with the feeling like you have to find someone quickly because time is ticking away.

5. You may settle because you have already graduated and are growing older thinking you have to find someone soon.

Remember, God has the perfect life-long mate for you. But also remember that Satan has a mate for you that is not perfect. In Satan’s typical fashion of deception, this person may seem to be “the one” but there are red flags that say he or she is not. If there are red flags while dating those red flags will probably turn into huge red banners once you are married. Love is a powerful emotion that can easily cloud your vision of God’s will. Why? Love can easily become all about you and what you want. Love is powerful and must be used with godly discernment. Don’t settle. Take your time. Seek God’s will. Prayerfully considering your mate, knowing that God has one and Satan has one. Pray daily that God will connect you with that person. Date with intention and wait for God to bring that perfect mate your way. Once you enter marriage, it is a life-long covenant entered into before God, so don’t settle.

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