Pray With Us

Prayer is the most important aspect of the Collegians for Christ ministry. The college campus is a spiritual battlefield. We are fighting against an unseen force that Ephesians 6:13 refers to a principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. We have an adversary and his kingdom that never rests working against all that we are trying to do.

Prayer is absolutely essential. Collegians for Christ cannot effectively stand against the enemy and take back our younger generation without people praying. You see, prayer is asking God to do what we ourselves cannot do. God moves through the prayers of His people.

Will you enlist to pray for one school once a week?

We are asking people to enlist to pray for a school once a week. Most everyone has a favorite college because of a sports team, attending the school personally, or knowing someone who has. Please pick one school and pray for it weekly. Put a note on your Bible, mirror, fridge, or somewhere else to remind you to pray. Please fill out the form below to let us know what school you are praying for. We want to enlist people to pray for each of the 7,151 colleges in America.

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest”  -Matthew 9:38

Here is what to prayer for:

  1. If there is a CFC location:
    1. Pray that God would grant favor with the school, students, and faculty. Pray that young people to be reached with the Gospel, students to grow in their faith, and the weekly meeting would grow spiritually. Pray for prayer groups to start. Pray that God would bring a great revival on that campus.
  2. If there is not CFC location there:
    1. Pray for God to raise up the students and laborers to reach your campus.
    2. Pray that a local church will be burdened to reach your college campus.
    3. Pray that the required number of students will be gathered together, a faculty advisor will be provided, the group will have favor with the school, and for an on-campus ministry to be established.
    4. Pray that God would connect us with these students, the church, and workers.
    5. Pray for souls to be saved, lived changed, and students to make an impact in our world.
    6. Pray that revival would begin on your campus.

We have seen God accomplish the impossible in some situations and we know it was due to the dedicated prayers of those praying for that school.