How to Reach the College Campus

There is a wide-open door into the college campuses in America. The most effective way to reach the college campus is to establish an official on-campus Bible study through your local church. This tool will grant you unlimited access to reach the many students and faculty on your campus. The schools will refer to this as a Registered Student Organization.

The benefits of chartering a Registered Student Organization (RSO) compared to being an off campus ministry:

  • The use of the school’s facilities for free to meet weekly for Bible study.
  • Free facility use for separate outreach meetings.
  • Access to key school events, such as fairs, orientations, & open houses.
  • Ministry name and information listed on school’s website.
  • The use of the school postal system to distribute Gospel literature to students & faculty.
  • Access to the campus to distribute tracts, witness, and speak with students.
  • Set up tables on campus, inside and outside of buildings, to advertise the ministry, witness, and speak with students.
  • Post advertisements around campus & on bulletin boards in buildings.
  • Ability to use the school’s logo and name on literature and other items.
  • Access to sporting events.
  • The schools encourage the recruitment of members which we call “evangelism”.
  • Students will be more secure in attending meetings that the school endorses compared to a meeting off campus somewhere.
  • Access to records that show student’s religious affiliation.
  • Yearly allocated funds and the use of the school’s vans and buses.
  • The access and ability to connect on-campus students to your church. Your church will be able to get more involved in the lives of these young people and make a significant impact.

Your church will have the ability to carry out a full-scale campus ministry from within the confines of the campus.

How to Charter a Registered Student Organization

Chartering a student organization is not difficult so please don’t let the “officialness” of it scare or deter you. Each school will vary slightly in its requirements. We are here to help you through this process. It is a process and most school’s websites will give you their requirements. Look on the website under either “student affairs” or “student life”. Under one of these tabs you should see a section for clubs/organizations. You should then find a tab for “starting a new club”.

The list below is the average requirement for most schools:

  1. 5-10 students.
  2. 1 student who will be your president.
  3. 1 faculty or administrative staff as your advisor. (This can be a professor or someone who works in an administrative position.)
  4. A Constitution and bylaws (We can provide one tailored for your schools specific requirments)
  5. Petition the school to become a organization. This is turning in the required paperwork. Schools will require registration either in office or through their website. The clubs are intended to be student led though schools allow outside advisors. There may be a meeting before approval or there may not. Each school is different in the approval process. The president will have to do much of the correspondence with the school.
  6. Then follow the guidelines to maintain recognition each year.

The complete process can range from a week up to a couple months. Please check when your school allows petitions for new clubs.

This is a tremendous open door to reach the many faculty and students on your campus. Please let us know if you  have any questions or need any assistance in setting up this type of ministry.

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