If Jesus Watched March Madness

March Madness for basketball fans may be the most exciting time of the year. Busted brackets, major upsets, cinderella stories, and down to the second wins is what this time of year is all about! Millions of Americans will fill out brackets and spend a lot time watching to see how their chosen teams do. It is east to get caught up in the excitement and focus only on the teams and games.

As you and I watch these games, we need to remember that these players have a soul that is destined for heaven or hell. They will also represent a college campus. We must ask ourselves as we watch, “Is that player saved? What about the coaching staff? Is there a campus ministry from a likeminded church there? Is there an outreach to that team?”

March Madness will be a great time to pray for a school, players, and coaches. It will also be great time to cheer, get excited, and also cry as your team or bracket loses. I’m not saying we cannot have fun watching but just to watch with a different set of eyes.

If Jesus was watched March Madness it would be with eyes of wonder, love, and compassion. Jesus would wonder first and foremost if those players and coaches knew Him as their Savior. He would pray for them. He would wonder if there was an active outreach on that campus from a local church fulfilling His Great Commission. Though we do not have a Bible example, I feel that Jesus in His humanity would enjoy watching March Madness. He was just as human as you and I are but also Divine. He wold enjoy watching but it would be through Gospel eyes with an eternal purpose.

Pray over your brackets. Pray for the players and coaches as you watch. What can we pray for? Pray for their salvation. Pray God will raise up the laborers and church to establish a Collegians for Christ Ministry on that campus or pray for the campus ministry that is already there. Pray that God will establish a weekly Bible study specific for that team. Pray that God would use the believers on that campus as a powerful witness. Pray for revival to begin there and spread to your campus.

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