International Student Enrollment Reached Another Record High

For the 10th straight year in a row the international population has reached a record high! For the first time ever there are over one million students studying in America from every country in the world. China, India, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea remain the leading countries with Saudi Arabia jumping from fourth to third place. Many of these students come from countries listed as closed, restricted, or hostile to missionary efforts. God is giving us an amazing opportunity to reach the world from our backdoors!

Place yourself in the shoes of most of these students. You leave home all alone and travel many miles away  living in a foreign country. Here you are in America on a college campus with thousands of strangers all around you. You are scared and lonely. You are looking for a place to fit in and a community to be apart of. Naturally you latch on to the international commuity in your school. At the same time you are in America! You really want to see and understand all about America, the culture, and the people. You are very open to to learning and experiencing America. This opens a open door for us to witness and minister to these students. We have seen God do a work in the hearts of international students becoming followers of Jesus Christ. We will take the next couple of weeks to deal with ways to reach these students and how to witness to international students.

International Students in the U.S

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