My Faith Journey in College

Marie Hebrock Pic 1I suppose the beginning of my faith journey is similar to many college-aged Christians. I was baptized as a young child, grew up going to church with my family, participated in youth group in high school, and involved myself with volunteer ministries in the church community. I watched my mother especially, always hang on to her strong faith and teach us to always put God first. However, even with a great Christian upbringing, I still found myself a little lost in high school and college. It was like I went to church because, yes I loved the Lord and it was the right thing to do, but something was missing. I would pray at night for Jesus to show me the way, and hoped that one day it would just click. I was praying and searching for answers, but wasn’t finding them. I wanted to be a better Christian- a Christian that was so into her faith that my good life choices would come natural for me, which I know can especially be difficult in college. I wanted to serve others and choose my career well. These things kept nudging my conscious throughout my pivotal college years.

It wasn’t until one morning my junior year that I received an unexpected knock on my apartment door. Standing there was a kind faced man with an inviting smile and his daughter who simply gave us a brochure for their church. I had been trying out different churches in the area, but did not truly feel connected. It was honestly my roommate at the time who asked if I would go to this particular church with her that Sunday, and I did. It was there I was introduced to the Austin’s and their beautiful calling to establish a Collegians For Christ ministry at ASU. From there, I began to attend weekly Bible study meetings with my roommate so she would feel comfortable, but never expected to have it change my life. I felt welcomed, loved, unjudged, kept wanting to learn more, and soon enough I felt the desire to share my faith with others. It was a joy inside me that only Jesus Christ can bring to someone. I finally found my niche, my major, career choices, friends, and boyfriend- who is now my husband, that it all started to make sense. I discovered gifts in myself that made me feel as though I could make a difference. I realized through CFC, that it was not enough for me to go through the motions, but to lead others to Christ.

In fact, there was one winter night after bible study, that someone very dear to me, pulled me aside and asked if I was saved. In that moment I realized I made the choice as a young teen for Christ to be my personal savior, but it was once again like I was following the motions. As I reflected in the moment as a young adult, I felt a whole new wave flow through me, in that moment, I again asked Christ to be my savior and this time not only meant it and truly understood the meaning of John 3:16. From there, ministry became second nature to me, I found myself feeling love for others who I could tell really needed Christ. CFC came into my life at the perfect time. It was like God had been saving it all along for me. Good things truly come to those who love the Lord.

As I reflect on my life today, I am so thankful to have been involved in CFC, the lasting friendships I made, the people I met, and the honor of sharing the Gospel alongside the members. I am by no means perfect, but I do have a wonderful life, a Godly husband, beautiful home, loving family, an incredible job as a therapist for children with Autism, and the seed of love that the ministry of CFC planted inside of my heart.

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind.

-Marie Hebrock

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