Bible Study Material

We offer Bible study material that is applicable and relevant to the college age young adult. These studies have been effectively used in leading on-campus studies. The weekly study guides are available for you to use in a digital format that is editable so you can easily customize it with your contact info and upcoming events. You can view each series by clicking the title. Contact us if you are interested in using any of these studies.

What Does God Have to Say About… (13 lesson study answering student’s questions from the Bible)

We all have questions about this life. Today there are multiple places you can go to search for answers to your questions and get instant results. Where you search for these answers will determine if you get accurate and truthful answers. For this study, we are taking questions directly from students and searching the Bible for answers. Our goal is to find out what God has to say about…


Staying Strong in Your Faith in an Increasing Secular Society (4 lesson study looking at the life of Daniel in Babylon)

This study identifies characteristics that helped Daniel stay strong in his faith while attending Babylon State University and while living and working in the secular society of Babylon. These characteristics will challenge and help students to stay strong in their faith and not become a church drop-out statistic.



Being a Doer of the Word (13 lesson study from Matthew Chapters 5-7)

This study takes Jesus’ challenge to apply His teachings to our everyday lives. It will challenge students to live out a life of faith and not just talk about it. The teachings in Matthew 5-7 are powerful, challenging, but very applicable to life.



The Foundation of it All (Two 13 lesson studies from Genesis chapters 1-11)

Volume 1- Genesis Chapters 1-2

Volume 2- Genesis Chapters 3-11

The book of Genesis is the book of beginnings. From this book we find the foundation to most of the vital teachings of the entire Word of God. If Genesis is torn down, the rest of scripture that rests upon these teachings will crumble. Right now there is a tremendous attack on this book by Satan casting doubt on it. This study will help students defend and strengthen their belief in the book of Genesis.


Having Done All to Stand (12 lesson study from Ephesians 6:10-19)

Our visible world is subject to the work of an unseen world. That world is very dark and hidden from our eyes, but we lie very open to it. The Bible describes it as an all-out war of Satan against God and His Children. This is a battle that every Christian is enlisted to fight in whether they want to or not. This study will help equip and challenge students to fight in this battle.


Questions Answered from the Bible (11 lesson study answering student’s questions from the Bible)

Each year we take a survey asking students for questions they would like answered from the Bible. Each question comes from a real issue or question that an actual student is facing.




Live with Hope (15 lesson study in the book of I Peter–Combined with II Peter makes 26 week study)

Peter is writing to persecuted Christians that have been scattered throughout the region. The Lord commanded Peter in Luke 22:32, “when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” In this book, Peter urges these Christians living in hard times to live with hope. This study will help students know how to live in a world that is getting more hostile toward Christians.


Growing in the Knowledge of God (11 lesson study in the book of II Peter–Combined with I Peter makes 26 week study)

Peter continues in this second letter to strengthen Christians. Peter is burdened about warning these believers. The second letter deals much with false teachers and apostasy within the church. This study will awaken students eyes to the enemies scheme is deceiving people through false teachings.



The Night Before (13 lesson study from John Chapters 13-17)

It is the night before the Crucifixion and all the apostles are gathered around their leader. Tomorrow will be the last day, for Jesus Christ will be taken to the cross to die “for the sins of the whole world”. As we come to John chapters 13-17, we will get an inside glimpse into the intimate time He spent with His disciples during this last night. There are many great truths He taught His disciples that are applicable to student’s live today.


Sleeping in the Will of God (4 Lesson study focused on marriage and relationships)

America has experienced a strong culture shift in the last fifty years. The family unit in America has changed dramatically. In 1960, the average age of the first marriage was twenty for females and twenty-three for males. Currently, the average age for first marriage is twenty-seven for females and twenty-nine for males. This study focuses on helping students know how to live in this gap and how to look for a life-long mate.

The Church of the Living God (6 lesson study focused on teaching students the purpose and importance of the local church)

What is the church’s place in society and within government? What about separation of church and state? What is God’s design and purpose for the church in our world today? These are all questions that we must answer to fully understand the role of the church in society today and our role within the church.

Behold Your God (5 lesson study in Isaiah chapter forty)

Do you desire to know more about God? Do you desire to know more about His power, His majesty, and His attributes? This chapter is packed full of amazing truths about God! The purpose of this study is to cast our eyes on our great God.

The Rebuilding of a Nation (12 lesson study focused on rebuilding America through tomorrow’s leaders)

Is America a Christian nation today? Was America founded upon Christian principles and by Christian people? Each generation in America brings great changes culturally, religiously, economically, and politically. History proves that all great nations fall. Will America the great nation ever fall? This study will stir students hearts to step up to the biblical challenge to be leaders who make a world-wide impact.

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