Summer Checklist

The second summer session has begun which is the half-way mark of summer break. That means the fall semester is right around the corner. Take this remaining time to regroup, refresh, and relax a [...]

You be the One

As believers we should be on the initiative to speak with people. We should be ready and willing to get to know people. We should be the ones to make people feel welcome and at home. People may [...]

I Forgot

I absolutely love working with college age young people!! Their energy and creativity is contagious. Many of our students are ready and willing to participate in outreaches and activities. They [...]

Like a Sponge

Working with teenagers for about seven years was great! I felt there was nothing in ministry that could be compared to it. Then I began working with college age young adults. It was then that I [...]

Praying for ETSU

God has provided the sponsoring church and students to establish a ministry at East Tennessee State University. All the requirements have been met except for a faculty advisor. We have a couple [...]