Responding with God as Our Authority

We are facing a post-Christian culture that is based heavily in the humanist mindset. Students, whether believer or unbeliever, often have great questions about the issues of life. Our current culture prompts many of these questions. Professors, other students, and media also prompt an array of questions.

In dealing with and answering these questions, we must be careful in our response. Many times I catch myself and others responding with truth but responding with these words: I believe, I believe the Bible says…, I feel that…, I think…, I think the Bible says…, or so and so said…

Dealing with students in this day and time we must be careful to base our responses with God’s authority. Our word and authority means little to nothing when speaking with students especially the skeptics. God has given us His Word and therefore His authority in answering questions and sharing truth. Instead we must respond with words like these: The Bible says…, God says…, God’s Word says, Ephesians 6:12 says…, I learned this truth from the Bible…, I wandered the same thing and after studying the Bible I found…, and numerous other ways. This places the authority on God and not our beliefs, thoughts, or theories. God’s Word is where our authority and power lies. We must base all our answers upon this authority or else our answers are no different than scientist so and so that thinks such and such. We can become just another source of information with a different take or thought process on life.


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