Serving without Expectations

Serving without expectations is to do the work of ministry without receiving anything in return. Serving others according to Jesus should be done out of a love for them. If we are not careful we can serve with an expectation from others. Whether that is for them to take our tract, hear our witnessing spill, come to church, or attend Bible study. We can easily target people and their time expecting something from them in return. To the world we become “Christian Salesmen/Saleswomen” trying to sale our messages and our Jesus. Yes we want people to be saved! Yes, a person receiving our tract or listening while we witness are good things! We want people to come to church!

Serving and loving others according to Jesus’ example means pouring out ourselves to others with not the slightest expectation of anything in return. It means building relationships truly being interested in their lives. It means listening and doing with receiving absolutely nothing in return. It moves us from a salesperson wanting something in return to a real person genuinely interested and caring about another.

Ever seen a sign that says free. You get closer and they reiterate that it is free. Then once you take the gift they say you need to sign up for this or do this. There was a catch all along. They were salespeople who were only interested in their mission and not so much the person receiving the gift.

What I am saying is reach out to students or groups on your campus without requiring something in return. Prepare some gift bags for a sports team just to say you care about them without wanting five minutes to sell your ministry. Give out free coffee just so students know you are there. When they ask, “Why are you doing this?”, which they will, explain its your love for the students and the campus community. Explain you want students to know you are there for them and let them know who Jesus really is. Prepare a meal for the international students without requiring them to do a thing but come and enjoy their time. Love on students and watch as their eyebrows raise up at your ministry. Watch as true service impacts the student’s hearts, minds, and lives.

This age group is very skeptical of “Christianity”. Ask ten students what Christianity is and you will get ten completely different answers. The latest researches shows the fastest growing group in America is the “nones”. That is 1 in 3 students from ages 18-29. These young people are tired of Christian salespeople. They have a mixed foggy view of who Jesus really is.

Serve without expectations. Reach out to the student body without wanting something in return. You will be amazed at the doors God will open up to share your faith. You will be amazed at the reaction from skeptical unbelievers looking at American Christianity that will engage you in real conversation. You will be amazed at the students who open up and the greater doors that will open to share your faith genuinely. You will be amazed at how receptive students will be to Jesus!

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