So Many People, yet so Lonely

Walking around campus, you see people everywhere. I think about all the social media tools and devices that connect us instantly with hundreds of friends 24/7. With so many people and so much activity going on, there is no way anyone could be lonely on campus… right? At least that is what I thought. Then I was told these stats at a meeting on campus.

Appalachian State found:

18.7% felt hopeless or 3,335 students

25.9% felt very lonely or 4,620 students

4.9% seriously considered suicide or 874 students

.2% had attempted suicide or 35 students.

Then I realized just how lonely some people are. As Christians, we should be the first to stop and take a little time out to speak to people. A little hello can go a long way. Invest in people’s lives. Social media is not satisfying the natural desire we all have to be liked and to be around people. Take the earbuds out, put the phone down, turn off the iPad, put the computer to sleep, and talk to the people around you.

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