Helpful Resources


  1. The Power of One on One- Discovering the Joy and Satisfaction of Mentoring Others, Jim Stump, (Grand Rapids, M.I.: Baker Books., 2014.)
  2. Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus, William J. Senn III, (Greenville, S.C.: BJU Press., 2008.)
  3. The Master Plan of Evangelism, Robert E. Coleman, (Grand Rapids, M.I.: Revell., 1993.)
  4. College Ministry from Scratch, Chuck Bomar, (Grand Rapids, M.I.: Zondervan., 2010.)
  5. College Ministry 101- A Guide to Working with 18-25 Year Olds, Chuck Bomar, (Grand Rapids, M.I.: Zondervan., 2009.)
  6. Worlds Apart- Understanding the Mindset and Values of 18-25 Year Olds, Chuck Bomar, (Grand Rapids, M.I.: Zondervan., 2011.)
  7. Campus Aflame, J. Edwin Orr, (Glendale. C.A.: Regal Books., 1971.)
  8. A Christian Critique of the University, Charles Habib Malik, (Downers Grove, I,L.: Inter-varsity 1982)
  9. When God Walked on Campus, Michael F. Gleason, (Ontario, Canada: Joshua Press 2002)
  10. You Lost Me., David Kinnaman, (Grand Rapids, M.I.: Baker Books., 2011.)
  11. Unchristian, David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons, (Grand Rapids, M.I.: Baker Books., 2007.)
  12. College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, Stephen Lutz, (Beacon Hill Press,. 2011.)
  13. Essential Church? Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts, Thomas S. Rainer & Sam Rainer III, (B & H Publishing,. 2008.)
  14. Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quite Church and What You Can Do to Stop It, Ken Ham & Britt Beemer, (Master Books,. 2009.)
  15. For Christ and the College Campus- The Story of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Keith & Gladys Hunt,(Downers Grove, I.L.: InterVarsity Press, 1991.)
  16. Bill Bright & Campus Crusade for Christ, John Turner, (Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of N.C Press., 2008.)
  17. Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults, Richard R. Dunn &Jana L. Sundene, (Downers Grove, I,L.: Inter-varsity 2012)
  18. Ready to Return, Bringing Back the Church’s Lost Generation, Ken Ham & Jeff Kinley (Master Books,. 2015.)



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Media Helps

  1. Need a Website? Weathervane Creative is our design team partner that have easy and affordable ways to get you set up. (
  2. Invitations, literature, and promotional resources visit or
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Bible Study Material

  1. Collegians for Christ offers Bible study series that are age applicable and have been used effectively with college students. Click here
  2. Crown Christian Publications has many 13 week Bible study series that are great to use with College students (
  3. Bogard Press has quarterly studies dedicated for single adults (
  4. Christian Book Distributers has a wide assortment of materials (


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