What We Do

We are here to assist you in establishing an officially recognized ministry on your college campus.

We will meet with you to discuss the benefits, specifics, and the “how to” of ministering on your local campus.

We will assist you in surveying your campus and discuss the most effective means to become established.

IMG_7206We will offer:

  1. Training to provide these and other useful tools:
    • How to establish an on-campus ministry at your local campus.
    • How to conduct a weekly Bible study and other areas of outreach to students.
    • Information on invitations, website, & social media.
    • How to effectively reach and work with college students.
  2. Access to the printed & website resources we have available to run a ministry.

We will provide a well-prepared training manual, hands-on experience, helpful resources, and continued support throughout the journey.

We provide training seminars in different formats to meet your needs:

  • Three training sessions that are each one hour in length.
    • Session 1- How to Establish the Campus Ministry
    • Session 2- How to Reach & Disciple College Students
    • Session 3- How to Grow and Maximize the Campus Ministry


The Collegians for Christ name is available for you to use and offers some benefits for your ministry. The use of the CFC name is dependent upon approval and agreement to a statement of faith that is kept on file. We desire to assist you regardless of what name you choose. Contact us for approval prior to using the name.

The benefits to using “Collegians for Christ” are:

1. It gives you clout when petitioning the school. You will be able to state that your ministry is located on other campuses and has been in existence for over 20 years.

2. It gives parents, pastors, and youth workers a name and network to refer students to when attending a college for a biblical campus ministry to attend. You will get referrals of students and can also refer students at other campuses that have a “Collegians for Christ” campus ministry.

3. Ability to use the Collegians for Christ logo, a page on the CFC website, printing of the CFC tracts tailored with your information and school colors, banners and other outreach materials, and the ability to identify with a national biblical campus ministry.

4. For those using the CFC name, we offer the use of a page on our website tailored with your information.

We will provide continued support and resources during your campus ministry journey.