Staying Strong for the Spring Semester

The fall semester seems to always run in one gear, wide open! After a short break over Christmas the beginning of the Spring semester starts a little smoother and slower than the rush of the fall semester. A much smaller number of new students will be finding their way onto campus. It can be tempting to sit back and sail through the Spring semester. This semester is not just a time to maintain until the end but to push forward making a strong impact. Here are a few ideas to keep strong for the Spring semester.

  • Continue to lead with passion! They will be passionate about what you are passionate about.
  • Use the cold winter months to build strong community through activities and hangouts.
  • Plan and schedule your outreach table events.
  • Get the gospel out to students. Many students will be leaving your campus and the opportunity to reach these students will be gone.
  • You have formed a strong core group through the fall semester. Now it is time to engaged these students in outreach opportunities on campus. Get them involved!
  • Think about one avenue of outreach provided by the school you have not used and use it!
  • Pick up and read a book on college ministry.
  • Remember you have some students who will be leaving at the end of this semester so your time for discipleship is coming to a close. Make the most of it.
  • Pray and keep praying for God to open doors that you have been praying for.
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