Stopping the Ripple Effect

We looked last week at some issues in our current culture and society that are a ripple effect. Two of the core issues are a strong shift from the Biblical view of marriage and gender being that of a man and a woman. The ripple effects from these issues are seen in many ways especially on our college campuses. The formation of LGBT groups, bathroom usage, and homecoming king and queen are just a few of these ripple effects.

What we are seeing is just the fruit of much deeper issue. We must be careful not to focus all our attention on trying to fix and combat these fruits. I’m not saying that we should not speak up and against issues contrary to the truth. I just want us to be careful not to miss the real issue. Combating the fruits can really be a big distraction of the enemy. If He can get us caught up and emotionally charged about the fruits, we can easily lose focus on the root of the problem.

The real issue is not the fruit we see in our world today. There is a much deeper problem at hand and we must focus our time and attention on the root of the problem. If we are going to stop the ripple effect of each of these issues it will not be by addressing the issues. At the core of each of these issues is a sin problem. The only way to truly impact and change your campus is with Jesus. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Let us major on the Gospel! Let us not get caught up in fighting fruit but let us aim like a sniper and hit directly on the issue, man’s sin problem that can only be solved by the Gospel. Do you desire to see these issues reversed and line up according to God’s Word? I sure do. I have found myself expending a lot of energy and effort fussing about and fighting the fruits while I could be placing that energy and emphasis where God places it, on the Gospel. We must saturate our campuses with the Gospel and let God fix the root issue that will in turn fix the fruit problem.

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