Summer Checklist

The second summer session has begun which is the half-way mark of summer break. That means the fall semester is right around the corner. Take this remaining time to regroup, refresh, and relax a bit. The second half of the summer break is also a great time to get prepared for the upcoming school year. The more preparation you can do ahead of time, the easier it will be with the rush at the start of the school year.

Here is a checklist of ideas to consider:

  • Take a vacation!
  • Read up on campus ministry resources.
  • Plan the fall semester’s activity and event calendar.
  • Get promotional material ready & printed.
  • Register for your fall semester Welcome week/Club Fair.
  • Register to help for move-in day.
  • Make sure your recognition status is renewed.
  • Update website & social media sites.
  • Pray & plan for next school year’s Bible study theme.
  • Stay in touch with students over the summer.
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