The Power of Prayer in Campus Ministry

Prayer is us asking God to do what we ourselves cannot do! I cannot emphasize enough the necessity and power of prayer for campus ministry. Learn to pray early on and keep everything bathed in prayer.

Campus ministry will require God to do what you cannot do yourself. Reaching students with the Gospel, providing a student president, providing a faculty sponsor, and gaining approval by the school each require God’s mighty hand. Every year brings new students and new changes.

On top of this, the college campus is a spiritual battleground. It is Satan’s territory! You are walking into enemy territory with the Gospel trying to change student’s lives and take off the mental blinders Satan has placed on these young people. It makes you an automatic target of Satan’s. The spiritual battle in your own life will be real and intense. Only prayer can keep you and get you through this constant battle.

Spend time praying over the campus. Take time out each week to go to the campus and pray over it. Walk around the campus praying for the students and faculty you see, the administrative staff, an open door for your group, student’s salvation, open doors into international students, fraternities, sororities, and sports teams. Pray for the outreaches you will be doing and your weekly meeting. Meet with someone and pray together. Just walk your campus and bath it in prayer. Jeremiah said, “mine eye affecteth mine heart.” Spend time on campus looking and listening while praying. God will use this to increase your burden.

I have witnessed God accomplish the impossible. I have seen God answer prayer requests concerning our campus ministry that only He could accomplish. I have prayed over the last four years for an open door with a sports team or teams. I have walked by the football stadium and the Varsity gym praying for these coaches and teams seeking God for an open door. Just this past semester God has answered one of those prayers giving us an open door to minister to the wresting team. Don’t give up! We have had other prayers prayed for two or three years that we have seen answered!!

Keep seeking God for the prayers and burdens on your heart. God may be orchestrating certain circumstances and people right now in order to answer your prayer. It all may be going on behind the scenes unknown to you. Don’t give up! I once heard a preacher say, “I can tell how big your God is by how big your prayers are.” God-size your prayers and go big in your vision for your campus!

Prayer is the direct line to heavenly power and resources. It is at our fingertips. We just need to ask Him.

“Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

Matthew 7:7

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