To Know or Ask Forgiveness Later

I have heard and even practiced doing something not knowing if it is allowed and then planning to ask for forgiveness later. On the college campus, clubs and organizations have a guideline book each is to go by. Doing anything outside of these guidelines could bring disciplinary action or even revocation of a charter. Pleading ignorance and asking for forgiveness may not work.

It seems most every year brings certain changes to these guidelines in some form or fashion. It is a great idea to download and read over these guidelines each year in detail for your school. It may be that there are certain opportunities the school is willing to give your ministry that you did not know were available to use. It may be certain requirements have changed to keep you charter active. Knowing and understanding these guidelines insures that you are maximizing the opportunities the school is providing and that your organization is keeping a good testimony on campus by following the rules. These guidelines are usually available to download from the student organization’s webpage or ask your president to get a copy.

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