Trying to Reach the Entire College Campus

As I walk the campuses across America, I am blown away at the magnitude of students and buildings on each campus! I am thrilled at the opportunity God has given to us but overwhelmed at how to actually penetrate and reach such a large crowd. Your campus may have 1,500, 20,000, or 50,000 students. Either way it is like reaching a city inside of a city.

How can we take something so overwhelming and seemingly impossible and bring it down to a reachable level? The best way is by identifying and targeting the smaller communities on the campus. This will allow you to take such a large and overwhelming population of students and break it down into recognizable groups of people that will be reachable.

The campus is comprised of numerous smaller communities of students who have shared interests which brings these students together. Once you identify these communities you can target each with outreach. This will help you greatly maximize your efforts and make reaching the entire campus a very real and possible task. Each group can be ministered to in different ways but each represents a segment of the total population. As a campus ministry grows it would be very possible with available laborers to have a specific weekly outreach dedicated to each community listed below.

  1. Undergraduate students- This is the bulk of the student body and will comprise the majority of your outreach.
  2. Undergraduate students will be the dominate group attending your core weekly meeting.
  3. Graduate students- This is a smaller group of students who for the most part feel and participate separate from the undergraduate community.
  4. Married students
  5. Sports teams
  6. Fraternities & Sororities
  7. International students
  8. Faculty & Staff
  9. The different clubs & organizations
  10. Dorms
  11. Degree programs

Another sub-division within these groups:

  1. Students who live on campus
  2. Students who live off campus
  3. Students who are around campus Monday-Friday but home on the weekend
  4. Students who are around campus all the time

As your regroup over the summer, begin praying for laborers and specific ways to reach and engage each community of students.

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