What does Jesus Christ Think about the Colleges and Universities Today?

We have established the fact that the university in America is the most powerful institution in the world. As believers and members of the Church of the living God we must ask ourselves “What does Jesus think about these universities?”. We must take it a step further and ask ourselves what would Jesus do if He were on earth today concerning these colleges and universities. There can be no doubt that the universities are on the mind and radar of the Lord.

Should we concentrate our efforts on establishing many new “Christian” universities to compete against the secular institutions. Christian universities are needed but how can we be sure years down the road these universities will be the same. We must remember that the university in America was founded upon Jesus Christ in training ministers of the gospel and providing Christian education. Look at the results today. Many of those original schools are no where near their original mission.

Should we concentrate our efforts on trying to recapture the universities for Christ on whom they were originally founded? How do you recapture an entire university? The Great Commission tells us how. We are to take the gospel to people. The students, faculty, and staff that comprise the university. That is what Jesus did. He dealt with individuals. He did not lead a charge against the Roman government but instead dealt with it on an individual basis changing people’s hearts.

What would Jesus do with the university today if He were here? The same things He did in the Gospel records. The same thing He has commanded all believers to do. Carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to people. Please do not under estimate the power of carrying the gospel to your campus! What if God sent a revival to your campus? What if God saved some of the leaders? The chancellor, professors, sports team coaches, and administrative staff? Can God do that on your campus? Could God completely transform your campus? Yes, He can and I believe He wants to! The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”

You are absolutely vital in God’s plan for the universities. Pray harder, witness more, and expect greater things from God. Go knowing the potential that is presented to you and the great open door God has given to us to share Jesus all over the campus. Take full advantage of this open door. Don’t have a campus ministry to merely maintain and survive. Have a campus ministry to thrive and go forward in the battle taking ground. Fight! You could be that vessel God uses to change the most powerful institution in the world!

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