You be the One

As believers we should be on the initiative to speak with people. We should be ready and willing to get to know people. We should be the ones to make people feel welcome and at home. People may visit your Bible study, an activity, or a church service. How will they feel if no one takes the initiative to speak and engage them in conversation? It is not just the leaders who need to to do this but workers and students. I can watch and see visitors slip in and see many people stay in their friends circles just talking to the same people. I can see workers doing the same or sitting around not even speaking to visitors or even the faithful ones who come.

We must teach ourselves, our workers, and our students to stop making people greet or speak first. Stop using the phone or tablet as a social crutch to look busy. In our day and time people need conversation. It says to a person “I care”. Train your workers and student leaders to speak to everyone every time. If you as a leader feel “backwards” or “socially awkward”  work at it. If workers or students feel the same help them to work at it. Have them walk around with you talking to people. Have students at the door greeting people as they come in. Encourage workers and students to sit in different seats frequently. As we are all creatures of habit, you may have to remind yourself, workers, and students about these things frequently.

Doing all this will breed a strong sense of community for the whole group. It will avoid “clicks” from forming within your group which makes it hard for visitors to find a place to belong. You have one chance with most visitors or they will not return. Make everyone who comes feel loved and welcomed.

Proverbs 18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

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