Appalachian State University

  • Jessica Allred
    Jessica Allred CFC President

    Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Allred (Jess for short) and I am a sophomore majoring in Nursing with a minor in Psychology. This year I have the honor of serving the Lord through CFC as President and I could not be more excited! Last year, the blessings I received from CFC were abundant, and I pray that I can be a part of that for others this year. I’m ready to jump in and see for what God has planned for us this year!

  • Kayla Mounce
    Kayla Mounce CFC Vice President
    Hello, my name is Kayla Mounce and I am a junior Sustainable Development major with a concentration in Environmental Studies. I am humbled to serve as CFC Vice President this year. CFC has helped me understand why I believe what I believe based on what the Bible says. CFC has helped me grow in my faith and I hope it will others too! I pray that I can be a servant of Christ this year, as I look forward to the blessings and fun the year will hold!
  • James Hayes
    James Hayes Advisor

    Hey, I’m James Hayes.  As advisor, I’m here to help Collegians for Christ and each member in any way I can.  My office is on 3rd in Founders Hall, and my door is always open.  Come by and see me.

  • Tim & Jenny Kirby
    Tim & Jenny Kirby

    Hey, We assist in leading the CFC ministry. We love living in Boone and ministering with students from App. We would love to meet you and have you be a part of Collegians for Christ!