University of Michigan

  • Simon Joshua
    Simon Joshua Student President

    “A born-again Christian and a member of our host church (Ann Arbor Baptist), I am a transfer Senior studying Biomolecular Science in LSA. The big questions (meaning, morality, destiny, etc.) excite and motivate me. I enjoy finding answers in God’s inerrant Word.”

  • CJ Elwood
    CJ Elwood Host Church Liaison

    “I serve as the Assistant to the Pastor at Ann Arbor Baptist Church and help coordinate CFC activities and any College and Career events hosted by the church.  I also serve as a Chaplain in the MI Army National Guard.  Look forward to meeting you.  Go Blue!”

  • Jason Maynard
    Jason Maynard Faculty Advisor

    Jason Maynard began working at Michigan Medicine during his freshman year of college (1992). Following graduation he transitioned into a Registered Nurse position in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, where he now serves as the Educational Nurse Coordinator. Having come to know the Lord as his Savior at the beginning of his sophomore year, Jason is burdened for college students to receive Jesus as their Savior and to be discipled in the life-changing ministry of His Word. Jason and his wife Cindi have been blessed with two children, Colin (13) and Victoria (8).

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson Prayer & Care Coordinator

    My wife, Rita, and I are both alumni of the University of Michigan. We have a heart to reach the campus for Christ. I coordinate the CFC Campus Parent program, in which we try to provide students with a home away from home.

  • Drew Sikma
    Drew Sikma

    I am member of Ann Arbor Baptist and am in my second year as a Master of Divinity student. I love how the Bible speaks to the complicated issues my generation faces. A relationship with God is the most amazing thing anyone could discover.