Reaching the World from Your Hometown

For the 11 straight year in a row, the international student population has hit a record high with 1,078,822 students studying in America! If you have a college campus in or close by your hometown, God has given you the amazing ability to be multi-national missionary right here in America. What an opportunity! Many of these students come from countries that are listed as hostile or restricted to missionary efforts. Can I submit to you that these are not closed countries because these nations are sending their leaders to America to study where we have full access to reach them with the Gospel.

Take Florida State University in Tallahassee, F.L for example. It hosts students from 130 different countries. That is over half the world represented on that campus! The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, M.I. is the 13th leading institution hosting 8,163 international students with New York University taking 1st place with 17,326 students.

You may be thinking like myself that these are just large numbers on paper. These numbers come alive as you walk on your campus to see firsthand the faces and souls of these numbers. I encourage you to seize this opportunity that God has given! I can tell you that international students are coming to Jesus Christ for salvation, being baptized, becoming active members in local churches, and some being called into the ministry. We are finding international students extremely interested in the truth of God’s Word no matter their religious or cultural background. We are discovering students who have simply asked if they could have a copy of God’s Word. You may never know who or what future leader God has placed on your campus. You can have a world-wide impact right from your hometown!

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