Why Start One

Many times we have in our minds that our public schools are territory that is off-limits to Christian outreach. We think God has been kicked out, that prayer and the Bible is out. I used to think like this until I was exposed to the tremendous opportunity on our college campuses! I want to reverse your thinking completely and tell you the door is wide open. It could not be any more open at this time!

Your church can have an active outreach on campus that gives you full access to the campus to hold a weekly Bible study and other events to pray, witness, preach, and teach. The open door is by establishing a registered student organization through your church that the school will fully endorse and in turn grant you unlimited access to the students and faculty. Think of that!!

Why should your church establish a ministry? Listed below are just a few reasons.

Why Reach the College Campus?

  1. Satan has a stronghold on our younger generation in America. We must take back our children and the education institution that was originally founded upon Jesus Christ.
  2. We are told that 60-70% of 18-22 year olds who regularly attend church stop attending during this age. Many of these youth walk our college campuses.
  3. Studies show that, currently, we are reaching only .00001% of the student population. You will find roughly fifty campus ministries from likeminded churches on all of America’s 7,200 colleges and universities. The need is great to reach these students!
  4. International students studying in America reached an all-time high for the tenth straight year in a row with 1,043,839 students! The average campus has representation from 40-80 nations. A few of the leading countries are China, India, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. Many of these students come from countries listed as restricted, hostile, or unreached by missionary efforts. The Lord of the harvest has brought the mission field to our doors steps. We have the ability to reach the world within just a few square miles.
  5. In the Great Commission, Jesus Christ commands churches to go to their campus to actively reach and teach students.
  6. You will find active LGBT, Pagan, Atheist, and other false religious groups on every campus. Alcohol, drug use, abortion, and sexual activity statistics for college students will stagger you.
  7. College students are making life altering decisions at this age about education, finances, career, faith, family, friends, meaning in life, and many other critical matters about who they are and how they will live life. If we are not there to connect, guide, and teach them from God’s Word, there will be other groups who will.
  8. Research will prove that nearly every major awakening or missionary movement since the Reformation can trace its roots to a college campus.
  9. Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, Adnorian Judson, George Muller, John Wesley, and Charles Wesley are a few students reached on a college campus that impacted the world for Christ.